Hear what our clients are saying -

“I received highly-personalized career coaching and advice from Futurity which gave me confidence in my job search and led directly to a terrific new position.  After receiving the job offer, Futurity’s team did not stop there.  Even while on their vacation, Alison and Paul Bouwmeester provided tips for my final interview and contract negotiations, and helped me to understand my benefits options.  I strongly recommend Futurity to anyone interested in advancing their career.'“


“Two years ago, as I prepared to retire from a 33-year government career, I began talking with Alison. I had all the normal fears of what I was going to do with my life and how I would find meaning. Alison patiently guided me to look at my retired status as an opportunity. She used her in-depth knowledge of the job market for retiring federal workers and her holistic view of life to help me see options. She made me feel that “I got this”. I consider myself fortunate to have her in my corner.”


“Making a major career transition can be daunting. In situations like this, I wanted a professional, seasoned expert to help me navigate the current job market. This is where Alison thrives as someone who as “walked the walk” with highly successful careers in both government and the private sector. I trust her guidance and advice completely in taking the next steps in my career.”